Smart Guide on How to Avoid Errors in Your Essays

Students always anticipate writing the best essays as they are guaranteed excellent results. However, some issues happen, and they find themselves in a fixed situation, making them produce a low-quality paper. This means that they are ready for poor grades. One thing to accept is that essays will always be part of academic work. There is no chance for a student to graduate without taking several essays in college.

How can a student produce an error-free essay?

Before we move on, let us elaborate on this point; when you submit a handwritten manuscript, it is easy to submit it with lots of errors, like verbs, adverbs, and noun placements. However, with MS Word, you will notice some of the common mistakes and rectify them before submitting. However, even with MS word, some errors will pass the eye. Back to the main point, how can a student submit a clear essay without mistakes?

The common mistakes

Editorial errors can be a really huge problem for many students. Most students confuse the use of “its” and “it’s”. If you can’t distinguish the meaning of the phrases, you can place them in an inappropriate position, making the sentence unclear. When the tutor rads through your work, they highlight such mistakes, and they attract poor grades. Before you use such confusing phrases, ensure you understand their meaning and use them appropriately.

Again, what makes a poorly written essay is improper punctuations and the command of the English language. Missing commas, apostrophes, and other punctuations can make the paper appear poorly written. Besides, do not use punctuations anywhere. The sentence must be clear enough, requiring such punctuations. Remember that good English and punctuations go hand in hand. If you have a problem understanding where to place commas and other formatting, consider asking for help instead of doing the wrong thing.

Another aspect of a poorly written essay is bad paragraph breaks. When expressing your concepts in paragraphs, let each section stand on its own. Do not mix up the points. Including more than two points in a single paragraph makes the paragraphs long and boring to read. Let the facts be evident in each section to give your essay a clear structure. 

Although you can buy the essay to evade such mistakes, it is a good idea to practice writing such essays by yourself. Doing so equips you with adequate knowledge and skills on how to arrange your work well. What matters is, are you satisfied with your paper? You can only be sure you are comfortable when you take chances and work on your essays. The above tips are essential toward enabling you to craft the best essay.


Whether you love writing or not, be sure to face essay writing while in college or university if you are a student. Professors give different topics and give grades according to the student’s performance, and They check lots of things when marking such essays. That is why you must be careful of the minor mistakes because they contribute to your grading.

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