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The history class is a remembrance of names of people that might have died centuries ago before you were born. It is a class where you are made to recollect dates and years of events that took place thousands of years ago. The thought of this poses a challenge to students; however, they have no choice because they have to write about history.

We have a list of graded topics that you can choose from to write a compelling award-winning essay on history; but what happens if you are asked by your instructor to choose a topic of your own that you are going to write about? Let us consider what you are expected to do to land the best hot history topic on your own

Picking the best history topic 

Carry out brainstorming exercises before you begin work on your search for the ideal topic. You can scan the list of history essay prompts. Go through some essays on the subject and as ideas of possible topics hit you; get out your jotter and write them down. Other topics might come to your mind; get all this written on paper; do not rely on your memory. You can go ahead and sort out your list after brainstorming for a while.

The topic that you are going to pick should be the one that will satisfy your instructor. The sole objective here is to get the marks from your instructor; to this end, you have to choose a topic that will impress your tutor. This topic of your choice must also satisfy your interests.

You are going to dwell on the chosen topic for some time, this is the reason why it is important to choose the topic that you will never be tired of writing on for as long as the assignment lasted. 

Make a review of the assignment instructions when you have gotten some topics written down for consideration during the brainstorming session. Try to eliminate the most inappropriate topics based on the requirements of your tutor and your liking for the topic. You must pick the topic that you know enough about and which you can write on without stress. 

The two-step strategies above will lead you to the chosen topic that you can write on. You can now go full throttle by applying the basics of sound writing in your paper. The process is simple and it involves:

Using an outline to plan your essay

You are expected to stick to a well-structured format that consists of the following chapters: Introduction, body, and conclusion.

Top essay prompts

These days, you can get the best ideas for top easy topics online. All that is required is to get a credible platform that is trustworthy. You can then pick the topic in line with the requirements of your tutor and a topic that you can easily write on. You have 149 of such topics listed on the link below.

Final take

You can get the best top rated history essay topics that will earn you the marks that will separate your work from the midst of your colleagues.

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