Tips for Composing a Great Application Essay

College essay writing is part of your application activity that you must go through when planning to join any university. It gives you a chance to explain why you are suitable for the career you are applying for. The writing also allows you to express your personality and attitude that the admissions board can use to judge your qualification.

It is essential to personalize your goals beyond your academic qualification, experience, and grades that you scored in your former level during writing. Ensure that a person can describe you after going through your piece.

When you find the essay writing activity difficult, here are some simple tips that will make you compose a good essay.

  • Focus on the essay prompt

The essay prompt will usually provide direction of the content you need to include in your essay. Do not jump into writing on what you don’t know. Constantly revisit your essay question before you begin writing to ensure you produce a relevant piece. It will make the admissions personnel understand your ability to follow instructions.

  • Write about your personality

The admission officer would like to learn more about your personality before giving you a chance at their college. When writing your essay, you should provide a clear and accurate reflection of your personality. As you write your essay, avoid any form of copy-pasting since it will not show an accurate picture of your character.

  • Be authentic

Use words that naturally sound like yourself. Do not try borrowing complex terms to impress the admission counselor. Words that you could otherwise not use in your regular speech should not appear in your essay. Avoid fluff and use of accurate phrases.

  • Create enough time for essay writing

To avoid a last-minute rush, plan your time well. It would be best if you did not write under pressure. Take ample time to plan your content and structure and compose your first draft some days before the submission date. After doing the first draft, you will need to take some time before getting back to the document to produce the final draft without errors.

  • Be factual and specific

The essay will explain your achievement and what you feel make you be what you are today. You should be careful when writing on such an issue to avoid exaggerating your content. Your essay should be accurate and specific. Admission counselors have experience in reading thousands of pieces yearly. They can easily spot any fake content. Remember, a phony essay will cost your application. However suitable it may be. Admission counselors would help prefer trustworthy and genuine students who will follow the school rules.

  • Stick to the words limit

Most essays will have a word limit. Ensure you are adhering to the limitations. If the essay prompt did not specify word limits, then be careful not to produce too many or fewer words. You can write about 500 – 650 words where there is no specification of the number of words to write. Most word processing computer applications have a section for word count. As you type, you may be using this section to ensure that you do not exceeds the word limit or write very scanty content.

  • Proofread your work

After writing your essay, read over and over again to correct where necessary. You don’t need to do it immediately after you finish writing your draft. If not days, spend some time to freshen up your brain before resuming your document for correction. Even after you are through with editing your work, never assume that you are perfect. Share your essay with another person with experience in writing. You will get assistance and support in locating sections of your work that needs editing.

When editing your work, check for any grammatical mistakes, typos among other issues, and fix them. Keep on referring to the question to ensure that you are meeting all the requirements in your work. All the sentences should be clear and short. Edit to remove lengthy sentences and any other hanging phrases that do not make sense in your essay.


When writing an essay, you will strive to ensure you produce a good piece that will make you stand a great chance of winning an opportunity in the institution you are applying to. Follow the above tips to create a great essay.

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