Topic Ideas for Psychology Research Essays

A research essay is time-consuming. The paper needs factual statistics to defend its general theme. Thus students need time to pick a topic and research on it. You can make use of online materials, related literature, and expert analyses to find relevant information.

Psychology is a fascinating division of science. It influences a variety of things. The scope of the study for psychology subjects is broad. For that reason, students have several themes to pick from. Sometimes the instructor will give students a list of focus areas. In other cases, the learner has to craft their topic.

Finding a concrete essay subject is the key to a successful paper. You can also find someone to write my college paper and this will become your key to successful papers. Students need topics they can cover adequately without bombarding the reader with information. 

There are many themes in psychology. Students need to take enough time to decide on the topic they wish to write about in your paper. Narrow down your scope of the study to a particular division of psychology to make work easier. 

The learner’s approach needs to be resourceful to give him/her an edge among other scholars. Study your subject matter thoroughly to find facts that are not well-known. These will make your paper outstanding and captivate the person reading it.

Below are examples of psychology essay topic ideas. We have grouped them under the different branches of psychology to make your work easier. They should help you come up with an intriguing research paper theme.

Cognitive Psychology

  • How to measure a child’s attention span in an effective way
  • Best ways of memory loss recovery
  • Why we encounter memories
  • Autism and its impact on modern society
  • Judgment and its influence on decision making
  • Children: Factors affecting their ability to solve problems
  • Measuring critical thinking in experiments
  • Factors that cause memory repression

Abnormal Psychology

  • The significant causes of anorexia in grownups
  • The major causes of eating disorders
  • The psychological outcomes of the truth versus a lie
  • The significant causes of anorexia in teenagers
  • Sexual orientation and asexuality
  • The major causes of suicidal tendencies
  • The leading causes of euthanasia
  • Social pathology and its impact
  • The impact of separation anxiety within a group and family
  • The causes of schizophrenia
  • How does school anxiety affect adolescents?
  • PTSS versus PTSD at work
  • Mood disorders: Adolescents versus children
  • The leading causes of psychopathic actions

Clinical Psychology

  • Antidepressants: When to stop taking them
  • Insomnia and its effect in clinical scenarios
  • Adolescents: The leading causes of eating disorders
  • Steps to take in the cure of agoraphobia
  • The best way of combining therapy and antidepressants
  • ADHD medicine: The best time to quit
  • The use of psychology in controlling chronic pain

Social Psychology

  • Depression and social cognition
  • Social psychology: Violence and aggression and the part they play
  • Physical illness: How to adjust
  • Eating disorders and their effect on society
  • Substance abuse and how it affects the family
  • How can interpersonal relationships help to shape behavior?

Developmental Psychology

  • Gender roles and their place in society
  • Parental development and the impact on child development
  • Psychological reasons behind the process of aging
  • Factors that influence violent tendencies in children
  • The purpose of developmental psychology in tackling bullying
  • The leading causes of psychopathic behaviors in youth
  • The role of the media in enabling violence


Like any other research paper, you will need facts to support your arguments. Make comprehensive research on the subject and make sure your information is up-to-date. There are various online services available to you if you need help.